Former Rep. Matt Manweller's Email Updates

The Legislature has adjourned for the year and I wanted to give you a brief update on this year's highs and lows. In short, I am happy to report we passed...

April 26, 2016

Rep. Manweller's email update, Jan. 28, 2016; He discusses his Academic Bill of Rights, workers' compensation legislation and his school safety bill and other issues.

Jan. 28, 2016

Rep. Matt Manweller's session preview, Dec. 27, 2015 Rep. Manweller discusses legislation he will be working on in the upcoming session - Academic Bill of Rights, school safety legislation, workers' compensation reforms...

Dec. 28, 2015

Email update information from Rep. Matt Manweller, Nov. 24, 2015

Nov. 25, 2015

Rep. Manweller's end of session legislative update, July 16, 2015 Rep. Manweller's sine die email update discusses the operating budget - increases education funding by $1.3 billion, cuts tuition and provides much-needed...

July 16, 2015

Rep. Manweller's Legislative Update: Special session and teachers' strikes, May 4, 2015 Rep. Manweller provides an update on the budget talks in the special session, the teachers' strikes, and his Royal Slope...

May 4, 2015

Rep. Manweller's Legislative Update: Taxes and spending in Olympia, April 8, 2015 Watch Rep. Manweller's video on taxes and spending in Olympia. He discusses tax preferences and spending reform.

April 8, 2015

Rep. Matt Manweller, Legislative Update, March 2, 2015 Discusses three bills heading to the House floor for consideration - surcharge on Gorge tickets, Royal Slope legislation, and changing the achievement index rating...

March 4, 2015

Rep. Matt Manweller update - The Legislature adjourned the 60-day, 2014 legislative session on time, Thursday, March 13. This is the first time since 2009 there will be no special session....

April 3, 2014

Manweller moving his district office to the Davidson Building in downtown Ellensburg

March 19, 2014