Rep. Matt Manweller’s state need grant bill receives public hearing, reintroduces ‘Academic Bill of Rights’

A bill introduced by Rep. Matt Manweller that would increase State Need Grant opportunities by limiting how much money goes to more expensive, private institutions received a public hearing in the House Higher Education Committee today.

Under House Bill 1033 approximately 500 additional students could receive a State Need Grant.

“When it comes to college financial aid, we have a choice. We can give more money to students who are able to attend the most expensive schools or we can give more money to the poorest kids who go to the least expensive schools. I believe we should do the latter,” said Manweller, R-Ellensburg. “This bill provides more opportunities for the students who truly need it.”

 Manweller is working on a second higher education bill, an updated version of his “Academic Bill of Rights” legislation from last session.

“Last year we received a lot of good feedback and we have made some changes, but the problem remains the same on college campuses,” said Manweller. “In the past few years, we have seen a disturbing increase in university policies around the country that restrict students’ free speech and due process rights. Whether it is political correctness gone wrong or hyper-zealous school activists, too often First Amendment rights are being curtailed in the name of ‘safe spaces.’ We need to make sure that college campuses are a place of rigorous, free debate that respects the marketplace of ideas.”

House Bill 1362 will likely be referred to the House Higher Education Committee.

The 2017 legislative session is scheduled to adjourn April 23.

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