Legislature passes supplemental capital budget, includes monies for class-size reduction and Ellensburg Train Depot

The Washington State Legislature passed a supplemental capital budget today that  includes $400,000 for the restoration of the Ellensburg Train Depot and $40 million for K-3 class-size reduction and all-day kindergarten.

Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg, said the train depot project has broad support throughout the region.

“Many people have been very diligent about the restoration and development of the train depot. I am excited about the allocation as so many people have been working hard to make this happen. This project has the potential to provide a little economic development to the city of Ellensburg,” said Manweller. “It brings the depot that much closer to becoming a transportation hub for bus service, a possible events center for the city of Ellensburg, and looking even further into the future – the possibility Amtrak uses it as part of the All Aboard Washington plan.”

The capital spending plan, often referred to as the “bricks and mortar” budget, also includes $40 million specifically for classroom construction related to K-3 class-size reduction and all-day kindergarten.

Even though it is a supplemental budget year, we continue to pump money into education,” said Manweller. “Just last year we allocated $200 million for classroom construction related to K-3 class size reduction in this budget. Along with what we have done in the operating budget in the last biennium, it shows we are serious about fully funding education and ensuring our kids have quality schools.”

The 2015-17 capital budget appropriated $811 million for K-12 school construction, with another $76 million being appropriated this year.

The capital budget passed the House by a vote of 86-9, and the Senate by a vote of 38-5.

It is now headed to the governor's desk for his signature.


Washington State House Republican Communications