House Republicans say Democrats are stonewalling

Legislator: Rep. Matt Manweller
Run Time: 55 seconds
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There are concerns among Republicans in the House that three key bills may never see the light of day.  At issue: the refusal by the leadership of House Democrats to allow the bills to move forward.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: The high profile bills affect thousands of people across Washington.  One is such a sore point, it is the subject of an online petition with nearly 30-thousand signatures.  Republican lawmakers says the Democrats are stonewalling.

Manweller: “So we’ve been told thousands of people are frustrated about tolling on the 405, there will be no hearing and all those frustrated people don’t even have a chance to express their frustration to the people who write their laws.  We’ve been told ‘no hearing’ on the gender bathroom rules.  I’ve received hundreds of emails from frustrated mothers, fathers.  We’ve been told ‘you get no hearing, you get no testimony.'”

Johnson: Republican Representative Matt Manweller from Ellensburg at a regular press briefing.  He says another bill the Democrats are sitting on involves Charter Schools.  February 5th is the deadline for policy bills to be reported out of their respective committtees.  If they are not, the bills may die.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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