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Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg, discusses no gag order legislation that allows pharmacists to offer cost effective prescription drugs when an option is available, civic education legislation that requires high school students...

Feb. 16, 2018

Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg, talks about his school safety bill getting passed unanimously out of the Education Committee, another bill that would give retired teachers a small cost of living adjustment...

Feb. 9, 2018

Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg, discusses education and the budget on KIT with Lance Tormey and Dave Ettl. Manweller also gives his insight on the recently proposed national health care policy.

March 14, 2017

Rep. Manweller to continue push for legislation assisting Quincy hospital after facility overwhelmed after weekend Gorge event Rep. Matt Manweller is renewing his efforts to help the Quincy Medical Center handle the...

July 2, 2015

Despite yesterday’s announcement that the federal government will yet again delay many of the provisions of ObamaCare, the democratically-controlled Washington State House of Representatives chose not to act on a series...

Feb. 12, 2014

Bill designed to help people who have lost their insurance keep some form of affordable health care.

Jan. 13, 2014