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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Shortly after I sent my last update, the Legislature passed critical legislation to address the state Supreme Court’s Hirst decision. With the Hirst agreement we were able to pass the capital budget which includes significant projects throughout the 13th District.

Capital budget

In 2016 I sponsored legislation to create the Historic Cemetery Grant Program to get infrastructure in place to allow cemetery property owners, communities and nonprofits a way to preserve and maintain their historic cemeteries. While we were able to get the infrastructure in place, we didn’t have the funding. I was able to secure $515,000 for the grant program in this year’s capital budget.

I was also able to get $17,000 for a replacement well at the Olmstead-Smith Historical Gardens. Volunteers who work at the garden approached me earlier this year about the water problem in Olmstead Place State Park. A new well will help keep the history of the Olmstead Place alive by preserving and maintaining the surrounding gardens.

The Clymer Museum and Gallery is receiving $247,000 in funding to revitalize and restore the upper portion of the historical building that houses the Clymer Museum.

I was also able to secure $170,000 for the Inland Northwest Rail Museum, just outside of Reardan.

Central Washington University is slated for funds addressing a number of projects.

Manweller testifies on school safety bill

Rep. Matt Manweller testifies on school safety legislation.

2nd Amendment

With Democrats controlling both chambers, there is a lot of concern from gun owners about legislation impacting our 2nd Amendment rights – and rightfully so. There are several bills before us. Here is a breakdown:

House Bill 1387/Senate Bill 5444 would call for enhanced background checks and licenses for anyone buying modern sporting semi-automatic rifle and large-capacity magazine. Request legislation from the Attorney General, the bill is moving in the Senate.

House Bill 1122/Senate Bill 5463 would require firearms to be kept in “safe storage” facilities in a home. House version is moving.

Senate Bill 5992 would ban certain trigger modifications like “bump stocks.” It passed the Senate 29-20 and is headed to us in the House.

House Bill 2422/Senate Bill 6049: would ban most magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Again, request legislation from the Attorney General. This bill does not appear to be moving.

House Bill 2666/Senate Bill 6146: would allow local governments to have stricter gun control laws than the state as a whole. This bill does not appear to be moving.

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and an individual’s right to own legal firearms. I will be following these bills closely as the session progresses.

“Friend of Farm Bureau” Award

I was recently named a recipient of the “Friend of the Farm Bureau” award for my exemplary record on bills critical to the state’s agricultural industry. I was pleased to be recognized by the Washington State Farm Bureau given the importance of agriculture to our legislative district and state.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the bills or issues mentioned in this email update or before the Legislature.



Matt Manweller

State Representative Matt Manweller, 13th Legislative District
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