Manweller supports legislation passed by House removing high stakes testing as graduation requirement

The Washington State House of Representatives has passed House Bill 1046, which would maintain accountability in graduation requirements while discontinuing the Certificate of Academic Achievement and Certificate of Individual Achievement state tests.

Rep. Matt Manweller supports removing the high-stakes testing as a graduation requirement as he heard from a number educators, parents and students in the 13th District during the interim.

“The message I received from my district is we are spending too much time teaching to the test. This legislation will allow students and teachers to focus on learning and teaching,” said Manweller, R-Ellensburg. “As an educator, I can tell you firsthand some students just don’t test well. We should not need a test as required proof that a student has successfully met standard.”

The bill also passed through the House Appropriations Committee. Manweller, who sits on the committee, says the bill also provides a cost-savings to the state that could benefit school districts.

“This legislation will save the state about $21 million in this upcoming biennium, and more than $18 million in the following biennium,” said Manweller. “Those are dollars we can put back in the education system, possibly for programs that provide assistance to struggling students.”

The measure passed by a vote of 92-6. It now heads to the Senate for consideration.



Washington State House Republican Communications