Governor signs legislation clarifying real estate excise tax exemption language

A bill clarifying the application of the real estate excise tax exemption (REET) has been signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee.

Rep. Matt Manweller, a co-sponsor of House Bill 2539, says the bill was necessary to provide some clarification on how the REET exemption is being applied by local governments, including Grant County.
“I am pleased the governor signed this bill into law. We have counties applying this exemption differently than others. This will bring some uniformity to the REET exemption,” said Manweller, R-Ellensburg. “This legislation will ensure surviving spouses or heirs are not charged real estate excise tax on their inherited real property by preventing the unequal application of the REET or ‘widow tax’ as it is sometimes referred to.”

Manweller pointed out the legislation clarifies the inheritance exemption in the law, and does not expand any exemption. Under the new law, an heir may qualify for the exemption by submitting to the county treasurer a certified copy of the death certificate along with a lack of probate affidavit affirming he or she is the rightful heir to the property.

The bill takes effect June 9.

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