Capitol Report talks with Rep. Matt Manweller

Rep. Matt Manweller has choice words on multiple topics in this segment of Capitol Report with host John Sattgast.  The Republican lawmaker addressed efforts to ban assault weapons and tax ammunition.  And eventually, Manweller was asked about legislation affecting fantasy sports games.

“Do you notice a theme here, John?” he asked.  “It’s the government telling you what you can’t do: you can’t send your kid to a Charter school because the teacher’s unions don’t want you to, you can’t have a gun because the Seattle people don’t want you to.  And now they’re going as far as to say you can’t play fantasy football.  This is just a symbol of absolute government overreach at the state level.”

“I just wish,” he said, “that the government would get out of our bedroom, get out of our business, and out of our front living room.”


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