Rep. Matt Manweller argues against tax increases in the proposed House Democratic budget

During debate on the House floor, Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg, provided a firm argument against the proposed House Democratic operating budget that would rely on tax increases to pay for programs. The following are audio clips from his speech:

CLIP 1 – Manweller: Taxation, like amputation, should be a last resort, not a first prescription. And yet, each and every time when we arrive here, the first answer to every problem is increased taxes. Tell you what – you go to the doctor and your elbow hurts, try a Motrin before you cut your arm off!

CLIP 2 – Manweller: We have told our residents – “When times are bad, we will increase taxes on you. When times are good, we will increase taxes on you!” Please, somebody tell me, when is NOT the time to increase taxes?


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